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*latereplies* LeoxBB is...this your room..?

*latereplies* LeoxBB is...this your room..?

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ACCEPTING. A few days later, big brother woke up in his own house in his own bed. But something was different... Many 14-16 year old boys,us, was crowded around him with adorable smiles on our faces. We claimed to be big brother's little brothers and that we all lived together. Was it true? Teehee of course~ Soon, big brother started to go out more and hang out with more girls. We were outraged. It soon became a fight to win big brother's love. A bloody one. We gathered up and "played" with any girl that big brother came in contact with. HES OURS NOT SOME TRAMPS! oops.. sorry.. I got a little carried away.. OKOK I KNOW I'M NOT GOOD AT THAT KIND OF SHIT BUT YEAH. ;m; CONTAINS: CURSING,YAOI/SHOT A?, KILLING SPREES,BLOOD, AND YANDERES COPY PASTA. (Yandere: Romantically obsessed with someone to the point of using violent means to get them in their arms. A yandere character usually have a lot of mood swings. They have a nice side and an evil side, kinda like ying and yang, white and black... those kind of stuff. They quickly change from the nice side to the evil side, and repeat again and again.)

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Posted by sqiggles
August 15th, 2010, 4:18 pm
send a PM

Sorry I've been dead guys! ;n;
I went on a surprise vacation LKSHAKJADSKFDASA
But I'm back (been back since the 13th;)
And Ima get to work on replies. ;u;

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